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Yay!!! I messed up again.

I mess up ALL the time!

My go-to move when that happens...celebrate.

Yep! Everytime I mess up, whether it is not meeting a commitment, not getting something right, or completely falling on my face...I celebrate.

It may not happen IMMEDIATELY after.

First, I have to accept that it happened.

Then, I celebrate by saying "Yay! Now I get to learn!"

Every mess-up is something you can learn from.

No matter the scale of it, there is a lesson.

Didn't do that thing 3 times last week like you said you would?

Yay! Now you get some VALUABLE intel on what got in your way.

With that intel, what will you do differently this week?

It's that simple.

​Simple doesn't mean easy!

Next time you catch your Inner Judgy McJudgypants coming at you because you "messed-up", do this:

  1. Take the biggest breath you have that day

  2. Celebrate that you get to learn something

  3. Capture your learning

  4. Ask: What will I do with this learning?

If any of this is challenging, I know someone pretty awesome who would be happy to help you! Hint: It's me. That awesome person is me. Also, you're awesome, too.


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