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Avoidance, how do I love thee?

Dear Avoidance,

Wow.  I think you are my longest relationship...and I've been with my husband for 27 years.

No one knows how to keep me curled up and comfortable like you. You are always there like a warm, cozy, super soft blanket and a squishmallow.

When I commit to a new habit, you are there to tell me "Girl, you are good. Take a day off."

When I am having difficult emotions, you are there to tell me "Hey cutie, did you see that new show is now on Netflix?"

When I am learning to set new boundaries, you are there to tell me "Autumn, they really need you this time."

When I have big changes I want to make, you are there to tell me "Sparkle princess, you have a lot going on right now. Why don't you hold off a moment for when things are more stable?"

We've had a lot of really great times together.

Imagine where I'd be without you.

XOXO, Autumn


While your version of cozy may look different from mine, the comfiness of avoidance is the same.

I've noticed that the days I go to bed proud are also the days I let myself get out of my comfort zone.

My quick trick to find the door out of the comfy zone is to ask yourself:​ What will make me proud today?

You've got this!


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