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Ma’am, can you stop yelling at the lettuce?

Did you know it's okay AND awesome to admit when things totally f'n suck?

​It is!

It feels SO GOOD to scream into the void, or a pillow, or the produce section, that something sucks so much you'd rather...

...have diarrhea on an international flight where the Office Gossip is 2 rows behind you.

Earlier this week, I had to ask my husband to join me in some Cancer Sucks ranting.

Yeah, I can get through it. Yeah, I have a lot to feel lucky about. Yeah, I am a Ray of F'n Sunshine


It still really sucks!

Cancer sucks. Having Cancer sucks. Witnessing people you love go through Cancer sucks. Supporting the people you love who have Cancer sucks. Supporting the people who are supporting you while you have Cancer sucks. The cost of Cancer Treatment in the U.S. sucks.All of that and everything in between...SUCKS.


There are a lot of great things I can call out, but not today. Today I'm letting myself rant about the major suckitude of it all.

​I hope this helps you release the suckage so it doesn't build up. If it helps, I heard that every time you release the suckage, Keanu Reeves smiles.


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