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Your Epic Montage

A transformation so epic it must be set to awesome music.

Autumn is standing outside next to a bike and is wearing sunglasses and a yellow cardigan.

This program might be right for you if...

You support everyone in your circle…and have only scraps left for yourself.

You get praised at work…but know you haven’t learned anything new in years.

You know how to get sh!t done…but can’t seem to make your changes stick.

You are ready to make changes…and want to have fun while doing it.

Spoiler Alert!
This program will result in:

Taking action rather than waiting for things to happen.

Impressing the sh!t out of everyone, especially those closest to you.

Autumn is holding a card that says Grab your own butt. Love yourself.

Making changes that last...until you want to change them again.

Strutting with the confidence of a rockstar or drag queen.

Being ready to say Yes! to any opportunity you love.

The juicy details are...

You're committing to a 4-month adventure.

8 bi-weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with Autumn.

Lots & lots of exercises & worksheets to support you throughout the entire program & beyond!

Support & celebrations between sessions.

Once completed, you're eligible to join Autumn's monthly Keep It Up! community.

Investment of $2000 (or $500 monthly)

Hi! I'm Autumn.

Autumn is smiling with confidence standing in front of a bright pink wall.
Autumn has hair in side ponytails with ornament balls hanging from them. She has a wide open smile and is in front of a green screen.

I'm all about making the hard work of leveling-up super fun! I run my coaching biz & am the co-founder of Coaches & Dragons (so fun!)

I'm a prolific idea generator, a champion real-talker, & a horrible joke-teller.

I work with & fight for my clients while pouring my own sunshine into their lives & leaving my signature glitter every step of the way.

I spent 20+ years in IT & Operations leadership & have seen both the beautiful parts & the smelly gross parts of corporate life.

I went from being disappointed in myself to going to bed proud Every. Single. Day.

Now, I help others do the same.

That means YOU!

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