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Flexibility for the win!

I love writing these newsletters so before surgery I thought:

"Of course I'm going to want to write one the week of my surgery."

I was wrong. It is pretty uncomfortable sitting at this desk. Oops.

My 1st thought:

I have to get a newsletter out. I've been doing them every week.

2nd thought:

It has to be a really good one since the last ones have been so cancer focused.

3rd thought:

Ouch!!! I want to get out of this desk chair soon.

4th thought:

Remember your Mantra! "The only wrong path is the one that isn't me!"

5th thought:

Oh yeah! Duh! I don't have to do anything I don't feel up to. I make my rules. The people who read these ARE my kind of people AND they will totally understand.

6th thought:

Ya know, being transparent about this may actually be a cool and helpful thing to share with the awesome people who read this.

So here it is friends! How I went from a moment of stress and pressure to smiling and being proud of past Autumn for putting that Mantra in 6 thoughts.


Create your Mantra that will help you make that pivot.


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