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TWIL about Resilience, Jealousy, & Doubt

In the This Week I Learned (TWIL) series, I share with you the things I learned throughout the week.

Since this is the first one, I want to give some backstory about how this came to be. Since leaving the corporate world to run my coaching business, I spend every day out of my comfort zone. Last week, I was focusing a lot on what I wasn't doing, didn't know, or hadn't finished yet. Spending time in Judge-land was draining me and I was grasping for energy. I decided to take a moment away from it all and focus on what I had done and realized that I am learning a TON! I learn practical and technical things and oh my god do I learn a lot about myself.

I needed a way to stay connected to what I am learning and decided to write down the big ones and share them. We often feel like our problems are unique but that is rarely true. When we share our learnings, we all get to grow together.

So, let's get into what I learned this week.


I can't stop my lows but I do reduce their impact.

I entered this week feeling low. I usually experience depression as part of my monthly cycle so I have learned to start those days out by reminding myself that:

  • The lows will not last forever.

  • They are here because the human body is incredible.

  • I need to get outside for 30 minutes today.

  • The mean and judgy things I am telling myself are all lies. The truth is I’m awesome and I’ve got this.

I am excited to be learning from these now instead of sinking into them. The more I learn, the more I will be able to support myself during these low days so I can keep making progress on the things that matter most to me.

Jealousy is easily flipped around to admiration & inspiration.

A part of my job is content creation. This can be for marketing, workshops, resources, and more. I follow a lot of incredible people and occasionally feel that strong and icky feeling of jealousy.

The pattern is typically: Jealous > Self-doubt > Admiration > Inspiration

When I am jealous of someone or something, that is a sign that I am seeing something I long for. Instead of doubting myself, I say “What is it I am admiring?” I then am able to see it through a lens of inspiration and now get to put my perspective and voice on it.

You never know who you are reaching.

I try to remind myself that not everyone who is impacted by the content I post is going to like, comment, or reach out to me. It doesn’t stop me from wondering if my messaging is landing.

A coach I am a big admirer of messaged me today to tell me she loved my content and wanted to connect and possibly collaborate. I remember being in her workshop in awe of what she was doing and dreaming of one day doing that myself. My voice reached her!

I’m going to create a list of things like this to go back to when I am doubting myself. I am calling it my anti-doubt list.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these as well as what YOU learned this week.

Happy Learning,



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