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TWIL about Dreaming

In the This Week I Learned (TWIL) series, I share with you the things I learned throughout the week.

This week I launched Coaches & Dragons with my partner Jerod Turner. It felt amazing! I celebrated with Szechuan Chinese & Ice Cream. :)

I knew this week would be more operations-focused as I tested the structures and flows that will support our work. That meant there would be lots of tweaks to processes here and there. I spent most of my career in operations roles so it felt good to flex these muscles around efficiency and scalability.

So, let's get into what I learned this week.


I love being a dreamer, even if it hurts sometimes.

When I’m excited about something, I have so many hopes and dreams attached to what will happen along the journey. Most of the time, I find myself disappointed. My dreams are often bigger than reality. The good news is I know this about myself. The bad news is it doesn’t stop me from being disappointed.

I love that I’m a dreamer. Those dreams keep me going. Those dreams were the final support beam when I quit my job. Those dreams keep me learning, thinking, growing, and building even when the results aren’t what I envisioned. Those dreams make me excited and keep me connected to why this work is so important to me.

Those dreams make me a really great idea generator, a magical brainstormer, and a kickass cheerleader for anyone doubting themselves.

Yeah, the disappointment doesn’t taste good. But that is ok.


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