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TWIL about Community & Authenticity

In the This Week I Learned (TWIL) series, I share with you the things I learned throughout the week.

This week started kind of low energy. Most of the people I spoke with this week felt the same way. Maybe it is the ramp up to the new quarter or the introduction to spring. I ended the week feeling proud of the work I did that week & ready for some time.

So, let's get into what I learned this week.


Community feels like home

There are so many amazing people out there.

After launching Coaches & Dragons, I was telling a friend how it isn’t always easy to spot your fellow geeky colleagues. I once saw a colleague walking to their desk with a really cool case. I asked what they had in there. It was Magic The Gathering cards! I’ve had two phases of playing MTG and it was so fun to geek out over it with them.

I wondered if there was a way to find these same people on LinkedIn. I started searching around for posts about D&D and found a D&D group! That group has a lot of cool people doing really interesting things. I get to geek out about D&D and Coaching with people who get excited about it, too!

It was a helpful reminder that community feels like home. Community gives me energy. It’s that group of people who are going to celebrate, support, and lovingly challenge.

Be unapologetically yourself

I recently did an interview for my friend and coach inspiration, T Keaton-Woods's company The T Hive.

I remember answering questions without thinking about it. Just letting the words form as they needed to. This was my very first interview as a business owner and I gave myself permission to be unapologetically me.

This week, I got to read the interview and I was shocked. I couldn't believe that was me on the page. I was looking at the words of a person I admired and wanted to connect with immediately.

That person IS me!

I am still reflecting on this and know there is more learning to apply, especially to future content. For now, I am giving myself a forever permission slip to be unapologetically me.


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