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My mom saved my life…and maybe yours

Back in September, I shared a post celebrating my first mammogram. Check it out here.

In it, I shared that I was the first person my mammographer saw be EXCITED to get a mammogram. I genuinely was so excited!

Since I was young, my mom was always transparent about the importance of annual checkups, even the uncomfortable ones.

When I was 16, she took me to my first Gynecology appointment.

When I had questions about why she had a breast cancer pamphlet, she told me about mammograms and how they are one of the many things women have to do to that super duper sucks.

She never shied away from uncomfortable conversations about our bodies and our health.

This saved my life.

My very first mammogram did exactly what it was supposed to do…it caught my breast cancer.

Not only did it catch it, it caught it EARLY!

Because of my mom, I will be one of the lucky ones.

Because of my mom, I am here telling you DO YOUR ANNUAL CHECKUPS! I want to live in this world with you as long as possible. Yeah, they suck, but finding cancer too late sucks worse.

I’m not scared. I’m not worried. I am annoyed. I am focused. I am laughing a lot about it all.

And to fulfill my laugh guarantee in every newsletter, here is my favorite name we’ve given the tumor in my left breast: The Wicked Tit of the West.

Next week, I’m going to share how my dad saved my mental health..and that of my loved ones.


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