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Checkups aren't just for your bouncy bits, moles, and holes

I got my first mammogram this week!

I was pretty excited about it. My mammographer, Linda, said she's never had someone be excited before and she's been doing this since the 90's. :)

I'm pretty sure I am excited because my mom was always transparent about the importance of annual checkups, even the uncomfortable ones...

...ESPECIALLY the uncomfortable ones.

I am so grateful to my awesome mom for making me into a person who was this excited for a mammogram. Here's a pic to prove it!

Autumn is wearing the medical robe and smiling with Linda the mammographer in a selfie. They are in the mammograph room.

Annual checkups don't have to just be for our physical health. They can be for our mental health, too!

Want to have a real-talk check-up with yourself? Here's how:

Step 1: Go to a place where you are at peace.

This doesn't have to be an epic spa. It can be your floor, a chair you like, a space outside, on the back of a majestic unicorn, and even a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit if that is peaceful for YOU.

The point is...just be able to have some dang peace.

Step 2: Commit to being HONEST with yourself

You may be able to hide things from your friends & family but the one person you can't lie to is YOURSELF. So, take a breath and write or say out loud:

"Ready or Not [your name]. This is real-talk time. I'm gonna be honest whether we like it or not."

Step 3: Answer any of these questions

You don't have to answer all of them. You need to answer at least one of them. I hope you answer more of them.

If you look at this list and think "Hahaha! Autumn messed up. She left this question off the list that I would have HATED to answer." The joke is on you, friend. Now that is on the list and you HAVE to answer it.

  • How am I doing?

  • What are my blindspots?

  • What am I really frickin' good at?

  • What do I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it?

  • What support do I want?

  • What am I celebrating?

  • What prescription am I writing for myself?

Step 4: Celebrate

Give yourself a hug, high-five, or even dance with yourself. Whatever kind of thing you feel like doing in that moment that acknowledges and celebrates that amazing person you absolutely are is the right thing to do.

Enjoy it!

Have other things you would add to this list or have questions? Let me know!

And friends, be sure to get your bouncy bits, moles, and holes checked 'cause I want to live in this world with you for a long time!


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