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5 tricks for getting out of bed when you really, really don't want to

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We all know the scariest part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... the stench we imagined pouring from under the Grandparents' covers.

There are many articles written about this but I want to remind you of one important thing...they were eating Cabbage.

Ya'll, we cannot be like them. We have to get out of bed.

Now that the weather is cooling off, I know the bed is so comfy and cozy. I know as soon as your bare toe touches the cold floor, it becomes a race to get to the space with the next blanket.

Here are 5 tricks to help you get out of bed when you really, really don't want to:

1. No phone until you get up!

Seriously, as soon as you pick up that phone and pull your arms back into the covers, you are going to be there for a while. That quick "let me check Insta really quick" turns into reading your 10th AITA thread on Reddit.

Dismiss your alarm and do not touch that phone until your toes AND heels touch the floor and you stretch your arms to the ceiling.

2. Eliminate the comfort

The trick here is to make it no longer comfy to be there. I know...sad! But we gotta do it so we don't end up like Grandma Georgina.

Have a song or sound you cannot stand? Have it automatically play when you need to get out of bed.

Get those covers off of you! Kick them off or have someone rip them off of you.

3. Get excited about the next thing

What will get you more excited than the cuddly blanket burrito you are in?

Is it an awesome hot beverage? Maybe a really soft rug you get to step onto? Or what about a really comfy robe or a heated blanket to wrap up in while you start your morning?

All it took for Grandpa Joe to get out of bed after 20 YEARS was being able to go to a chocolate factory. I can only imagine what his daughter was thinking when he got out of that bed.

4. Head to the club

My partner will put on a song that he knows will get me dancing and singing. I can't help but start moving around or belt out the lyrics.

What is that song that you can't help but move to or sing to? If there are several, make a playlist of them and have it play to get you out of bed. You could even set it as an alarm!

If you do this, you may become desensitized to the song over time so be sure to change the songs around.

5. Hype yourself up

A little pep talk can go a long way!

Smile and pump yourself up. Some things to say are:

"I'm totally getting out of bed on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3"

"I'm so frickin cool. I'm gonna get out of bed right now and strut to the bathroom."

"Yeah, I do want to stay in bed. More than that though, I DON'T want to be Grandma Josephine."

"What are we gonna do...NOT gift the world with all of my awesomeness? Ha! Let's go do this. You're welcome world!"


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