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Autumn Wade

Embrace your awesomeness to live the life you want

Confidence. Transformation. Fulfillment.

I help everyday people unleash their superpowers to live their most epic life. Even the strongest among us can feel unsure or stuck at times. I will help you make sense of where you are and we'll clear a path to where you want to be.


Whether it's your career, your relationships or anything else that is important to you, I'll help you harness what makes you awesome and apply it to achieving your goals.  I will be with you as you develop structures to confidently manage whatever adventures come your way.

You are awesome and deserve to live a life fulfilled. I would love to help you.

About Me

I'm a certified coach with a passion for seeing people live confidently as their full awesome selves.​ 


Throughout my 20+ year career, I have created spaces for people and teams to grow and succeed while having fun. In Summer 2021, I began formal coach training with Co-Active Training Institute where I connected with my own awesomeness and was transformed. My purpose became clear:  


I want this for everyone!​ 


Beyond coaching I enjoy playing D&D, needle felting fun characters, growing veggies and dancing to new music while I cook.

A close-up picture of Autumn sitting outside and looking at you with a simple smile.

Coaching with Me

I love working with people who are:​

  • Feeling unmotivated and bored, wondering when things will be fun again.

  • Tired of starting new habits only to be back to their old routine a week later.

  • Frequently worried about failing and letting others down.

  • Constantly doubting themselves and getting stuck in what-if loops.

  • Beating themselves up for the little mistakes no one else sees.

  • Spending all their energy building up others and have nothing left for themselves.

  • In a constant battle with Imposter Syndrome no matter how much positive feedback they get.

If this is you, let's work together so you can:

  • Set the goals you really want and actually complete them.

  • End days saying "That was fun!"

  • Take risks knowing you can tackle whatever challenges come your way.

  • Feel comfortable saying No, even to a loved one or boss. Seriously!

  • Quickly switch from feeling guilt, shame, or fear to feeling calm, empowered, and confident.

  • Stop doubting yourself. Stop bullying yourself. Stop putting yourself last.


"Autumn taught me how to successfully apply her techniques and insights both in the workplace and at home, making for a more well-rounded, balanced life for me and my family. What I appreciate most about Autumn and her approach is that she meets her clients where they are, celebrating successes, identifying setbacks, and, using both, to motivate them to push through barriers that may be keeping them from their ultimate goal."

Sabrina B., Senior Product Manager, Denver, CO

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up for a free 30-minute Introductory Session - explore what coaching is like and see if we are a good fit. 


Step 2: Design your program - choose how frequently you want to meet and for how long. I recommend the 6-month program to build lasting changes. I am happy to work with you to design what will best serve you and your goals.


Step 3: Let's start coaching!


All programs are virtual so no matter where you are, we can work together.​

Book my standalone sessions for those times when you have a big decision to make, are feeling stuck, need to process something, or are looking to reconnect to your values and purpose, but don't need multiple sessions.

I am on a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone, so I set aside space for pro-bono and low-cost coaching. Contact me if my pricing is not in your budget.

Rustic Beach Path

Introductory Session

A Free 30-minute session for you to experience what coaching can create for you. It will also let us get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit.

Rock Maze

Coaching Programs

We will design a coaching program that works for you and your goals. All programs start with a Discovery Session and end with a Celebration Session.

Standalone Sessions

Book my standalone sessions for those times when you have a big decision to make, are feeling stuck, need to process something, or are looking to reconnect to your values and purpose, but don't need multiple sessions.

You can also gift these sessions! Coaching can be transformational and last a lifetime so what better gift is there? 

Image by Melanie Hughes

Pump-up Session


You will strut out of this 45-minute session!

Have something coming up you want to be your fully confident self for? Maybe an interview, a first date, or a big talk?


Looking to reconnect to how absolutely awesome you are?


This is the session you want. You will leave this session pumped up and energized by your own awesomeness.

Image by Frank Leuderalbert

Awesome Goal Setting Session


This isn't your typical boring goal-setting session where you end up with a bulleted list that you forget a week later.


At the end of this session, you will have a list of goals you created that make you so excited you dance at your desk.


You will have goals that you will not stop telling people about.


You will have goals that you can't forget about.

Image by Alan Calvert

One-Time Coaching Session


A 90-minute coaching to help you move forward. Great for when you have a big decision, are feeling stuck, need to process something, or are looking to reconnect to your values and purpose.

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