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Wake up excited & go to bed proud
Every. Single. Day.

Hey Friend!

I'm so glad you stopped by!

Autumn holding a card that says Grab your own butt. Love yourself.

I'm excited for you to have a transformation so epic it must be set to awesome music.


You're ready for a change because:

You're unmotivated, frustrated, & disappointed, wondering when things will be fun again.

You're a people pleaser who's exhausted & resentful but still feel like an a-hole when you say No.


You know how to get sh!t done but can't seem to make your own changes stick.


You get praised at work but know you haven't learned anything new in years.


You're afraid of making the wrong decision so you look for others to make it for you.

Autumn frowing in front of a sign that says Gassy + Crusty

And deep down you know:

You are a resilient badass.


You like to have fun.


You can do really hard sh!t...and have!

When you take care of yourself, you show up fully for others.


You positively impact SO many people,

even ones you haven't met.


You deserve to see how awesome you truly are.

So let's do this!

Autumn is looking to the side and sticking her tongue out.

Someday starts today

What my clients say

"I still visualize myself as a kung-fu master, punching and kicking my way through a restaurant full of To-Do list items represented by identically dressed minions." - DG

"Autumn led me to discover, explore and learn key features of myself. The sessions flowed with ease despite provoking and touching upon very profound topics." - BP

"Every minute spent with Autumn continues to be a beautiful learning. More importantly, she is the most fun person I've ever met!" - DP

"Autumn's skills are a splendid mix of professionalism, sincerity, humor, and quick-wittedness, which helped me move quickly from stuck to appreciating I can pretty much do anything!" - ES

Hi! I'm Autumn.

Autumn is looking at the camera smiling with confidence in front of a pink wall.
Autumn has hair in side ponytails with ornament balls hanging from them. She has a wide open smile and is in front of a green screen.

I'm all about making the hard work of leveling-up super fun! I run my coaching biz & am the co-founder of Coaches & Dragons (so fun!)

I'm a prolific idea generator, a champion real-talker, & a horrible joke-teller.

I work with & fight for my clients while pouring my own sunshine into their lives & leaving my signature glitter every step of the way.

I spent 20+ years in IT & Operations leadership & have seen both the beautiful parts & the smelly gross parts of corporate life.

I went from being disappointed in myself to going to bed proud Every. Single. Day.

Now, I help others do the same.

That means YOU!

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