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About Coaching

What Coaching Is

Coaching is a partnership wherein you will deepen what you know about yourself, create a vision of what you want, and take meaningful action to achieve your vision.


Coaching creates the space for you to confidently make resonant choices and build structures to support the transformations you are seeking. Your coach is there to challenge and champion you the whole way.

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Connect to what makes you awesome

As your coach, my goal for you is to live a life that is fulfilling; a life that honors your purpose and your values. We will focus on deepening your learning about yourself so you can make empowered decisions and take action that moves you forward.

Values: What is truly essential to you?

Purpose: What is the impact you want to have?

Limiting beliefs: Where are you holding yourself back?

Inner allies: What parts of you can you call on?

Perspectives: Where are you feeling stuck?

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching builds on where you are now to achieve the goals you want for the future. Therapy is a means of diagnosing or treating a mental health condition and often focuses on the past.


The ICF offers this analogy which I find helpful:

A coach is like an athletic trainer while a therapist is like a medical doctor specializing in sports medicine. Both draw from a shared body of knowledge. The trainer focuses on improving fitness and performance and will refer the athlete to the medical doctor if there is reason to believe the athlete has an injury.

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