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1:1 Coaching

I want everyone to be able to experience coaching. Contact me if my pricing is not in your budget.

Curious About Coaching?


Start with a free 30-minute session for you to experience what coaching can create for you. It will also let us get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. This is a sales-free zone!

I recommend this for anyone considering a package or a standalone session.

Your Epic Montage Coaching Program

A coaching program where your transformation will be so epic it will have to be set to awesome music.

Standalone Sessions


This won't be your typical goal-setting session where you end up with a bulleted list that you forget about in a week. At the end of this session, you will have a list of goals that make you so excited you dance at your desk. You will have goals that you will not stop telling people about. You will have goals that you can't stop thinking about.


Have something coming up you want to be your fully confident self for? Maybe an interview, a first date, or a big talk? Or maybe you're looking to reconnect to how absolutely awesome you are. This is the session you want. You will leave this session pumped up and energized by your own awesomeness.


A 90-minute coaching to help you move forward. Great for when you have a big decision, are feeling stuck, need to process something, or are looking to reconnect to your values and purpose.

Gift A Session

All of my Standalone Sessions are giftable! Coaching can be transformational and last a lifetime so what better gift is there? You'll get a personalized gift certificate with instructions for the lucky recipient to claim their gift

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