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You can't BS a pro BS'er

How's this To-Do list?

I used to put only the big things on my To-Do list.

I'd feel like crap at the end of the day because only one was checked off. Sometimes not even one. 😭

The To-Do list ended up being a downer instead of a helper. (Sound familiar?)

Now, I am more realistic with my To-Do list.

The one rule I follow is:

I don't BS myself.

✅ I know very well when I have no intention to do something that day. There's no benefit to pretending otherwise by putting it on that list.

✅ If something changes in the day, I have no problem changing up my list.

✅ If something is too big to get done that day, I only list the part I will do.

I will go to bed proud that day instead of beating myself up for something I knew I wasn't going to be able to complete.

I'm off to complete the third item on my list. 😎


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