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The magic of the chicken dance

I share this lesson with every client. Try this with me:

  1. Make your best “I’m pissed off” face.

  2. Hold it as long as you can through the next steps.

  3. Put up your hands like they are moose antlers.

  4. Wiggle your fingers.

  5. Stick out your tongue.

Did you hold that face the whole time? At what step did it break OR get harder to hold a smile back?

Your brain gets all the credit of “knowing” things. It’s where you store memories, solve problems, and use your fingers to add two small numbers.

It is also the place where those tricky Gremlins live. The ones that feed your worries, fears, and doubts. The ones that treat your overthinking as an all-inclusive resort.

Those gremlins have a weak spot bigger than the one on the first Death Star. Your body.

Imagine if every time you are arguing with a person you both have to make funny faces. What would happen to the anger?

I’ve tried this. The laughter hits almost immediately.

It really works!

In a worry spiral? Do the electric slide, cha cha slide, or cupid shuffle.

Feeling disappointed? Walk around like a chicken.

Filled with rage? Make fart noises.

Focused on failure? Do the Wonder Woman or Superman pose.

Your body is the best kind of magic…and it is completely yours…and always with you…and 100% free. Can’t get any better than that.


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