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Super Important Public Service Announcement

We interrupt your regular feed for this important Public Service Announcement.

You do not deserve to be punished!

You, the person who didn’t get their task list done… Nothing on that list warrants a punishment.

You, the person who got a big compliment but immediately discounted it… Not being 100% perfect doesn’t not deserve a punishment.

You, the person who is out of energy and wants to cancel plans but feels guilty… Prioritizing your self care and wanting to be able to be fully present with people is not evil.

You, the person who selects the highest difficulty level for everything and wishes things could be easier… Getting things done in the simplest way possible is not even worth a tsk tsk.

Things can absolutely be important to you AND not come with a punishment attached.

You can care a lot about showing up for your friends WITHOUT putting yourself at the back of the line.

You can care a lot about producing quality work WITHOUT beating yourself up for being Good instead of Great.

You can see areas for self-improvement AND celebrate the knowledge, wisdom, and talent you have now.

If you wouldn’t tolerate someone treating your partner, best friend, or kid that way, that’s a big sign you don’t deserve it either.


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