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Rearview mirrors are not crystal balls

I had a session with a client this week that was so good I literally had to get up and dance after it. My husband came in and I had to dance with him just standing there because I COULD NOT stop.

My client showed up as an incredible advocate for themselves and was FEARLESS for the full hour. I’m tearing up thinking about it.

I am so friggin’ lucky to get to witness people standing strong as their awesome selves.

Here is one of the powerful insights from the session:

There was a big A-ha moment. We sat in silence while the realization sunk in. I watched this courageous human wander the new paths in their mind.

I noticed a change in their body that felt heavy. I asked about it. They were thinking about the past year, and what would have been different if they had known that A-ha then.

We could have stayed in the past and processed the grief. We didn’t.

I asked them “What will the next year be like now that you know?”

We both felt that question hit. That moment carried so much possibility that it felt almost overwhelming. We sat with it in silence again.

Final Thoughts:

We can spend our time looking in the rearview mirror. We can lean into those feelings of regret, shame, embarrassment, and grief. There is learning there for sure.

Looking forward is where life will take place.

What is in the rearview mirror does not tell our future. It is not a crystal ball.

You are in the driver’s seat. You get to decide the destination. You get to decide which paths you take. You get to decide where you take breaks. You get to pick the music.

What does the big billboard in the distance say?


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