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Post-It notes don't get enough credit

This gal loves a short phrase I can put on a post-it note!

Whether it is a reminder “Don’t let your teeth rot” so I book that dentist appointment or “Get up!” so I remember to stand up and move around occasionally, I’ll put anything on a post-it note.

Here are my favorite ones from 2023 that are sticking around in 2024:

The only wrong path is the one that isn’t me This helps me stay out of “SHOULDland” and stick to whatever feels right for me.I can follow the path of others, but then the destination will not be the one I ooh and ah over.

I feel is not I am This is my reminder that feelings aren’t facts. For example, I may FEEL like a failure but I AM NOT a failure.

Challenges are awesome opportunities for adventure This is my newest one and came from my husband (Thanks, J!). Challenges are…well…challenging. Thinking of them as an adventure is exciting! I’ve got a lot of adventures at the start of this year.

When in doubt, Roll​ I always have 20-sided dice (D20) around to roll when I want to outsource a decision. I use it to determine duration, quantity, or to select between 2 or more options. Do I want pizza or tacos? How many squats will I do? How long will my walk be?

Pro tip: If you don’t have dice available, tell Google to roll a d20 for you.

Reflect Daily or it’s not Serious​ If I am serious about doing something, especially when it is a change I want to make, I have to reflect on it daily. I can easily reflect when I brush my teeth. So, there is no good excuse. I need this reminder so I don’t move into “AVOIDland”

The best way to run away from a change - ignore it 2 days in a row.

What mantras are you putting up on post-it notes this year?


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