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Laughing at farts is a superpower

Your passions are your superpower.

My client was feeling hopeless in taking their next steps. That imposter gremlin was in the driver's seat and they were headed full speed to the land of "let's give up".

Then...we tapped into their superpower.

They LOVE storytelling. They are incredible at establishing worlds and characters that are perfectly messy. When they speak in their characters voices, anything is possible.

So we used that.

I had them tell THEIR story as they would any other story.

The vibe instantly shifted and they were now in a convertible cruising with the top down to the land of "this and this and this and also this!

Put this in action for yourself

We all have superpowers! The trick is knowing what they are and how you can use them.

Step 1: Identify your superpower(s)

One is all you need AND you may find you have more.

What are you naturally good at? What's the thing that you can't help but do. What's the thing that brings you more joy than anything.

Me...I laugh all the time and at the silliest of farts. (Thanks, Dad!) I also am really good at generating ideas.

Sometimes it is hard to see what is naturally us. Fret not, friend! I've got a simple solution for this...ask someone who knows you well.

Trust me...they know what your superpower is. It's the thing they absolutely adore about you, even if they pick on you about it.

Step 2: Know your superpower

Pick one of your superpowers.

Create a list or a mindmap of the things that make up that superpower.

For example, me laughing all the time means I am able to:

  • Take a step back from the seriousness

  • Find the absurdity

  • Be willing to express my emotion out loud, even when it's about something a fart

Step 3: Know how to use your superpower

Think about how you can use the list from Step 2 in challenging moments.

Imagine a challenging moment. Now, imagine applying just one of those superpower tricks. What would happen?

For example, if I am experiencing a lot of anxiety about a decision, I can make a fart noise, then look at what is silly about the whole thing. This helps me realize it's not as serious as I was treating it.

Enjoy tapping into your superpower!


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