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I finally cried...let's learn from it together

It took me one month to cry about my breast cancer. Let's learn from it together.

I didn't cry when the biopsy was ordered. Or when the medical summary said it was very likely cancer. Or when the biopsy was done. Or Dec 22nd when the dr called to tell me I have cancer.

I didn't cry when I told my family. Or when all the medical appts got scheduled.

Or when I met with my breast surgeon. Or when I had my MRI. Or when I had a blood draw two times. Or when I had my genetic testing. Or when I met my oncologist.

I teared up, but didn't cry when I saw the massive age gap between me and everyone else in the oncologist's lobby.

I teared up, but didn't cry when I knew I was going to make the choice to induce menopause to reduce the risk of future cancer.

I full-on snot cried the morning I had to take my IUD out.What a strange time to start crying, right?

I journaled about it because it was really confusing.Here's what I realized.

Everything up to that day was planning.

Getting my IUD out was the first permanent change I was making. I've been on birth control since I was 16. On that day, because of my cancer, it was going to be gone.

That day we moved from Planning to Doing. If I could have run away from it all that day I would have. I can't.

This was a very real reminder of how powerful ACTION is.

We can plan actions for months, maybe even years.The moment we take the Action is when it all becomes real.

When we plan, let's also plan for how we stick with it when it gets REAL.

My favorite way to do this is:

  1. Make a list of the excuses that you might use.

  2. Write out how you will respond to those excuses

  3. Keep it somewhere handy!

This activity allows you to be more proactive about the excuses that might otherwise work.

Laugh Guarantee Section

This is a very real text I sent to my mom & sister this week:

"I know that cancer sucks but can we please acknowledge the real tragedy...I'm going to have my first period in years soon."

When it finally arrived, here's the gif I sent them:


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