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I designed a coaching program for YOU!

Yesterday, I launched my new coaching program:

I called it this because it gives a transformation SO EPIC it must be set to awesome music.

I built out this program incorporating all of my tools, activities, and frameworks that have had the biggest impact on my clients.

I was inspired by all the amazing montages we have grown to love such as:

  • The Road Trip montage

  • The Fitting Room montage

  • The Fight Training montage

  • The Renovation montage

You know that I am all about making HARD work FUN so you can count on this being playful and energizing so you can do this work and make the changes stick.

I have limited spaces available for launch and will be sharing lots of goodies from this in future newsletters.


In Coaches & Dragons news, we've got an awesome FREE workshop on Sep 21st 12-1 ET. It is called Bardcore Magic: Unlocking Creativity through Pleasure. Register here


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