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Here's an excuse for more office supplies

Raise your hand if you like office supplies.

Raise your other hand if you like checklists.

Wiggle your fingers if you are always looking for new excuses to buy a new notebook or writing instrument.

If you did all 3, high-five yourself for being SUPER cool like me. 😀

Joking aside (for just a moment). Checklists & Trackers are my Go-To Gremlin traps. 

Autumn, what’s a Gremlin trap? Great question, dear reader! A gremlin trap is anything you put in place to stop yourself from blocking…yourself.

The only rule about creating a Checklist or Tracker is: It has to work for you.

Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Want to journal 3 times a week? Grab a post it note & write JOURNAL at the top with 3 circles under it. Color in a circle each time you do it.

Want to spend more time reading? Draw a bookshelf with books in it (it can be messy!). Color in a book for each block of time you spent reading. (you determine the time block length)

Want to tidy up the kitchen before going to bed? Put a jar of rocks or coins on your nightstand next to 2 containers (one for Y and one for N). Put a marble in the correct answer to: Did I tidy up the kitchen before bed?

Want to track that you did something daily? Get a calendar and set of stickers. Put a stick on any day you do that thing.My rule of thumb for daily items is: I don’t skip 2 days in a row.

Have a whole list of things you want to track for each week? Create a single page with the items you want to track. Make it colorful and fun. Protip: Try to keep it to 3-5 things and don’t be afraid to change it if it isn’t working for you. Protip #2: Canva is a great place to get a checklist and you can sign up for free!


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