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Gratitude is Complicated

Many things led to me quitting a lucrative 20+ year career to be a full-time coach…where I currently make less than minimum wage.

The easy ones to name are:

  • I’m a natural coach. It’s who I am no matter what I do.

  • My #1 value is Village so I am obsessed with helping people.

  • I have a supportive partner and I don’t have kids.

  • I am good at saving money.

  • I get health insurance through my partner.

  • I believe in my ability to make this work.

  • I worked with a therapist AND a coach

The really hard one to name is:

I was in a toxic workplace situation with an abusive boss which resulted in ongoing PTSD and no longer trusting that “leaders will do the right thing”.

If you want to know more about that story, watch my interview with Chelsea Jay here.

The truth is, were it not for me being with an abusive boss and watching leaders do nothing about it, I likely would have stayed in the corporate world until retirement.

After I went to a new team, where I had an incredible boss and got to work with wonderful people, I started my healing process and….Coach Training!!!

15 months later I had my last day in the corporate world. Today, I get to do the work that makes my heart SING.

Even on the hardest of days, I love what I get to do. It is really complicated to know that I get to feel that way right now…because of the worst experience of my adult life.

I am grateful though. I don’t like saying it, but I AM! I would never have wanted things to happen the way they did but I am so friggin happy that I am doing the work I am really friggin’ good at!

Gratitude is complicated.

My mom often told me I “live in the grey”. She’s right. I rarely see things as all one thing or another.

What happened to me SUCKED. But OMG did I turn that crap into the sparkliest of disco balls.

I’m sharing this with you because you have the same ability to transform crap into sparkly objects too.

Now, I promise y’all laughs so here are some Thanksgiving pick-up lines from ChatGPT

  • If you were a pilgrim, you’d be the reason I’d sail on the Mayflower.

  • Are you a sweet potato? Because you’ve got that marshmallow charm.

  • I must be a turkey because I’m totally gobbling up your attention.

  • Is your name Gravy? Because you’re making everything better.

  • Are you a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich? Because you’re stacked with all the good stuff.

  • Are you a Thanksgiving nap? Because I want to spend the rest of the day with you.


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