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Game-changing lists Future YOU wants you to make

Tired of reading? Here's the audio version!

I love idea generation, making lists, and office supplies. Since I was little, I have gotten office supplies for my birthday and Christmas gifts. It's awesome!

My love for these 3 things is a gift for you because here are

Game-changing lists your future self wants you to make!

I spoke to future you. They wanted me to tell you:

"Hey! You are awesome and have a great butt. That thing that's stressing you out will make us laugh a lot. Do us a solid. Can you please make these lists for us? Thank you! Oh, and don't forget to call that person you miss. K byeeeeee."

The game-changing lists

Questions you don't want to answer right now

Keeping things in your head is rarely helpful to you. You don't have to answer these questions! Your job here is to simply make a list of the questions you don't want to answer right now.

These could be questions you are avoiding. As you look at these, give yourself time to reflect on why you are avoiding them. Ask yourself,

  • Do I want to keep avoiding them?

  • What if I answer it now?

  • What if I don't answer it for a while?

  • When do I want to answer it?

They could also be questions you want to give yourself permission to not answer.

Maybe there is a big decision that is weighing on you and creating stress. What happens if you give yourself a week to not think about it?

Energy boosters & Energy drainers

Knowing what boosts and drains your energy is a magic trick like no other.

Our energy level greatly impacts how we approach things. People know I am not great to be around when I am hangry. They know that if I am super pumped my hands will be flying everywhere.

When you know what energy level you need for something, and you know what boosts or drains your energy, you can take action to get yourself where you need to be.

For example, let's say you have an important call tomorrow and your energy is low. You would need to reduce the energy drainers and increase the energy boosters so you can be exactly where you need to be for that call.

Energy boosters can be in many sizes. Create buckets for Small, Medium, and Large.

Add things to these two lists as you discover them and keep them close by.

Ways you can say "No" to anything you don't want to do

If you have a hard time saying "No", this will become your best friend! The point of this list is to have something to directly read from or copy/paste when you need to say "No".

The magic of this list is we often spend a lot of energy managing the emotions of coming up with HOW we want to say "No".

Cover a variety of scenarios in your list such as:

  • Someone you are close with

  • Something you previously said yes to

  • When you are simply tired

  • Icky lunch meetings or a meeting you just don't need/want to go to

  • Someone you don't like

  • Someone you admire

When it is time to use them, pull them directly from your list and celebrate the energy you just saved yourself.

Bonus list add-on: Whenever you say "No", you are saying "Yes" to something else. If helpful, add to the list the things you are saying "Yes" to when you say "No". For example, saying "No" to going to dinner with friends may be a "Yes" to recharging yourself (see, that Energy booster/drainer list is already coming in handy).

Things you have done or are really f'n good at

You are really f'n good at at least one thing. It likely is a lot of things.

Creating this list gives you the opportunity to step outside of "Gremlin Land" and acknowledge your skills, strengths, values, experiences, and any other wonderful thing about you.

Once you have this list, you can go back and read it any time you need a reminder of how f'n awesome you are!

When you do cool sh!t, add it to this list!

When you get a compliment from someone, add it to this list!

Excuses you use to talk yourself out of things & how you'll respond to them

Your Gremlins are going to activate and try really hard to get you to not do this one. They don't want you to know the tricks you use because they will then have to find new tricks.

You know very well the excuses you use that work to stop you from doing something you want to do.

List them out.

Then, for each one, list out how you will respond when you give that excuse.

For example, if an excuse is "I'm tired or had a long day." how will you respond to that?

As you learn new excuses, keep adding them to the list!


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