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A super fun end-of-year review

Most of us have been through those painful end-of-year self-reviews where we spend way too long finding the most professional way to say “I managed to actually get things done without quitting in an environment that is more slippery than the Double Dare obstacle course.”

This is not one of those reviews.

Taking time to reflect on what we've done and what we've learned is so important. An important part of our biology is that we do it without even thinking (like the time you ate something and got sick after and can't eat it anymore).

So why not tap into that superpower and do it intentionally?

Together, we are going to grab some goodies from this year to carry into the next one. And yes…it will be fun.

When you’re ready
  • Put on your favorite music

  • Get your writing gear. I recommend you write on paper instead of typing.

  • Get a 2nd sheet of paper and write at the top Snarky Stuff

Using your Snarky Stuff page

It is natural to have some cynicism, self-doubt, and judgy self-talk when looking back.

It can be healthy to let it out. Don’t let it get in your way.

When any of that shows up and sticks around add it to the Snarky Stuff list. This lets you acknowledge that it’s there while also knowing you can come back to it later if you need to give it more time. You may find that writing it down was enough.

Review Time!

Answer the questions you want to, skip the ones you don’t, change up the questions, and have fun! This is your review and it is just for YOU. I’ve shared some of mine here in case it helps.

Overview Questions

If a word cloud were made of your year, what would the 3 biggest words be?

What is the Clickbait headline of an article about your year? (Mine would be: 23 ways my dad’s fart humor shaped my business)

What percent of the year did you spend outside your comfort zone?

Highlight Questions

What moments would you put on your highlight reel?

What moments would you put on your blooper reel?

What 1 thing do you wish you could do over from this year?

If you could send a message back in time, what advice would you give yourself on Jan 1, 2023? (Limit of 25 words. No scams, Biff! )

Leveling Up Questions

What New things came into your life?

What did you say Goodbye to?

What skills did you level up in?

What did you learn about yourself?

Support & Gratitude Questions

What & Who would you include in your 2023 Thank You Speech? (My what includes the Dungeons & Daddies podcast and String Cheese.)

Thank & compliment yourself. (You have full permission to brag!)

Next Year Questions

What is on your dream list for next year? (Nothing is too big or too small to include.)

If you could send a message forward in time, what would you tell yourself on July 1, 2024 (Limit of 25 words.)

Which 3 people (fictional or not) do you want to keep with you next year? (I want Trixie Mattel for her fierce courage, Melissa McCarthy for her fearlessness, and Brennan Lee Mulligan for his wielding of chaos.)


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